About Us

I (Hugo) left Montréal about a year ago to move to Thailand with my wife, Gorya and create a company that sell bamboo straws to replace the single use plastic straws. 

During this year, we bought different varieties of bamboo, grow them and plant them in Gorya’s farm in Mae Hong Son just next to the rice field. We did our drying and curing test to make the strongest and most durable bamboo straws. 

This e-store is very new; it was first accessible online in April 2019 with the hope of selling outside of Thailand and more precisely in Canada and United state.

You can see this page as sorts of kick starter or go fund me if you like. Gorya's family is rice farmer and harvest rice only one time per year due to climate. Her sister Chanya is more than happy with the project. She don’t have to leave her tree kids to find work away from home anymore since we all work together in this project.