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Bamboo Straws

No plastic, no pesticides, 100% natural and organic bamboo grown in Mae hong son, Thailand. A great organic and natural alternative to plastic straws.

They are disinfected with boiling water and dried.

How to clean

Rinse them out under the tap after everyday use or shake in a jar of warm soapy water if you like. Every month or so, you can boil a pot of vinegar water mix and soak the straws for a few mins if you want a super thorough clean.

Always let your bamboo straws dry fully. They dry very quickly! Store your straws in a well-ventilated place, and never in air-tight containers or jars.

Bamboo is a natural anti-bacterial bacterial with proper care they will last more than a year.

Other product

All product with fabric is made by Goya, her sister or her mom.